COVID19: What we need most?


Corona’s had a firm grip on us for weeks. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 1.5 million people are now infected with COVID19 infected and nearly 80,000 dead. Almost half of the world population is under initial restrictions. Worldwide, doctors and nurses are fighting desperately for the lives of victims of Corona Sars-CoV-2. A pandemic in which the globalized world appears like a bolt from the blue. Not quite – virologists have been warning since decades before a worldwide pandemic.

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Corona Virus outbreak

According to leading scientists, there is an occurrence of pandemics that has a cycle of 40 – 60 years. The last devastating pandemic was the Spanish flu at the end of the First World War and killed about 50 million people. But as so often, humanity has not learned from history. At the latest after the SARS and Ebola epidemics of 2003 and 2014 in China and Africa, one would have must take countermeasures. The development of a vaccine against SARS was due to high development costs. Globalization and economic air travel have made it easy for the virus to spread across the globe within hours and plunge the entire human race into fear and chaos.

COVID19 effect

Governments around the world have given their countries a desperate shutdown, and the public life to a standstill. This standstill should help to reduce the exponential slow down the spread of the virus and thus reduce the congestion of the health system to avoid. If these drastic measures fail to have the desired effect, COVID19 claims many millions of lives worldwide. We are currently in a global experiment without a blueprint or net. A worldwide recession which has caused the financial crisis 2008 will by far exceed – perhaps even the dimensions of the large Depression of 1929 seems inevitable.

unemployment  due to corona virus

The world after Corona will probably be a different one. We must now painfully realize how fragile and vulnerable our lives are in a modern and globalized world has become. Centralization, just-in-time production, and maximum profit optimization have left us vulnerable. Supply chains are breaking down and entire corporations are standing still because the only supplier has problems. Hospitals have to function in crises and must not be broken in the future. COVID19 shows us that not managers and bankers are systemically relevant, but doctors, nursing staff and employees in supermarkets. They are the heroes of 2020.

COVID19 standstill

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