Why Germany is doing good against COVID 19 outbreak?

COVID 19 Germany

Europe has been hit extremely hard by COVID 19. Well over 5 hundred thousand people are infected in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. Italy and Spain have a high death rate compared to other European countries. Now, America is the epicenter of the COVID 19 outbreak, health systems are failing and the death toll is rising. If you just look at the data, Germany is doing quite well against COVID 19 compared to the countries. So what is the reason behind this low death rate in Germany?

1. The decentralized structure of laboratories

Tests have proven to be one of the most important measures to control the coronavirus. Around 1.5 million people have been tested in Germany. But other countries are finding it difficult because of the centralized laboratory system. The decentralized system in Germany allows for a fast and large number of tests. Small private laboratories to the public medical universities are carrying out intensive tests to get the situation under control.

Laboratory testing

2. The strong social health system

Germany has one of the strong health care systems among other Europian countries. Every person with a permanent residence in Germany is covered by health insurance. The social health care system allows everyone to receive good health facilities.

3. Transparent public policy against COVID 19

Chancellor Merkel announced that between 60 and 70 percent of Germans will become infected with COVID 19. The Federal State of Bavaria declared a state of emergency on 16th March and restricted public assembly. State and the federal government have taken strict measures to control the spread of the virus.

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Public Policies COVID 19 in germany

4. Intensive Health Crare system

In Germany, there are 28000 beds for intensive care, which is one of the highest hospital bed densities in the world. In this corona crisis, other health care institutions are helping to reduce the pressure. The government has increased the facilities to over 40000 beds. Medical students are also doing voluntary work.

5. Fewer family ties

Most Germans live in a separate house as the family bond is not so strong. Older people live separately in their own homes. Young people leave their family home when they become independent. This separate housing structure protects older people because of social distancing.

Fewer Family ties

6. Physical activity among Germans

The Germans are quite physically active people. In their free time, they like to go for walks, run and spend their time outside doing sports. In this lockdown, you can go out for a walk with your household in the park. This creates a health physical and mental setups. A positive mentality is really important to fight against this virus.

But it is a pretty early stage to predict everything. It does not take too much time to collapse the health system. When the health system is collapsed, the death rate will rise. We have to try our best and stay positive against the global pandemic.

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